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Day tours/_Multible_days_of_touring

 Hot_Springs_ / _ Binh_Chau

Do you have the desire for one truly relaxing day? Then you can be swept away to the hot

springs of Binh Chau. There are several mineral pools that await you in this 35 sq. hectare

location. There are 37 degree baths that simulate your blood circulation which is highly

therapeutic to your bones, muscles and skin. The hot springs also function as a pain-

preventativ and decreases stress levels. There are also many specivic massages as well

as mud treatments offered.

This tour should be booked at least one day in advance.The tour starts between 6-8am

and via an air conditioned car. The journey takes about 2-3 hours. Small stops are

available at your request. There are also eateries and a playground for children at the

springs. The entrance fees are not included in the tour price.


Price:               - 1-3 people $120 U.S.   per passenger car

                        - 4-7 people $140 U.S.   per minibus

                        The tour will be in Vietnamese/English speaking guide will be $25 extra.


1 day_or_2 day tour_to_Dalat

The tour begins at approx. 5am. The only way to grasp the true sense of the landscape is by

taking the mountainous journey. You will drive along the coast, through several interesting

towns and villages, past rice fields and through the serpentine jungle like woods. You can also

see the Vietnamese vegetable and flower fields. The journey will take approx. 4 hours to Dalat

and you may select activies at your leisure:

- Leisure park with all kinds of activities ( horse riding, elephant rides, archery, boating rides,

  crocodile farms, orchid breeding, etc.)

- the best summer toboggan run in the world paired alongside marvelous natural landscapes

  including a waterfall

- several cultural sites

- Cable railway

- Crazy House

- Shopping in the big market of Dalat

If you have time you may also want to spend the night. For the next day an Easyrider tour is

highly recommend to take in the surrounding environment. You will be on the back of the

motorcycle. The local experts will take you on a 5 hour tour of all the worthwhile surroundings.

This is also available by car but the experience is a touch less adventurous. Some sites include:

- Coffee farms, flower farms, mushroom farm

- Rice wine distillery including tasting

- Silkworm spinning mill with sales of clothes vendors, scarfs etc.

- Elephant's waterfall

- smiling Buddha and pagoda

In the afternoon or evening you will arrive back at Mui ne. As mentioned entrance fees are

not included in the fare.

Prices:       - 1 day tour 1-3 people $120 U.S.   per passenger car

                  - 1 day tour 4-7 people $140 U.S.   per minibus

                  - 2 day tour 1-3 people $220 U.S.   per passenger car

                  - 2 day tour 4-7 people $250 U.S.   per minibus

                  - 5 hrs of Easyridertour $25   U.S.   per person

                              - in Vietnamese,  English speaking guide $35 per day

                  - in Vietnamese, Russian speaking guide $35 per day




 Cat_Tien_National park

The national park has been under protection since 1978. It is one of the largest remaining

areas of tropical lowland rainforest in Vietnam. This tour starts at approx. 5am. You will have

an air-conditioned vehicle. Along the way is also a unique landscape that you will not soon

forget. Upon arrival at the park there are a few varying tours that we can inform you about

upon further inquiry. There are also jungle treks that can be enjoyed by foot. You can witness

500 year old gigantic trees, Java rhinoceros, Asian elephants, gauren, Malay bears, water

buffaloes, Javanese monkeys, viverrids, fauns, Malay ducks, double horn birds and many more!

It takes a bit of luck to witness all of these animals but they are still in the park. If you miss

some animals a boat ride on the crocodile lake will compliment any journey. There are also

night safaris offered which adds another element of adventure tu the tour. If you decide to

spend the night in a hotel or in a wooden hut an advance booking is recommended. Entrance

fees and overnight stays are not including in our tour prices.

Prices:             - 1 day tour 1-3 people  $100 U.S.   per passenger car

                        - 1 day tour 4-7 people  $120 U.S.   per minibus

                        - 2 day tour 1-3 people  $180 U.S.   per passenger car

                        - 2 day tour 4-7 people  $220 U.S.   per minibus

                        - in Vietnamese, English speaking guide  $35 U.S. per day

                        - in Vietnamese, Russian speaking guide $35 U.S. per day


3_day tour_Dalat-_ Lak_Lake

If you are a nature enthusiast and want to experience one of the most pristine places in

Vietnam then the mountain town of Dalat is for you. Built up by the French to enjoyn a clean

retreat into the alps it now offers tourists a beautiful vacationing destination with cozy hotels

and also beautiful untouched mountainous terrain. You may go with a passenger car, minibus

or Easyrider. The area around the Dalat can be explored on elephant, on a mountain bike or

by foot. You may also cross the lake by boat, speedboats, kayaks, canoes or swimming. The

H`mong people are the ethnic minority living in this area and look favourably toward tourists.

You can also take part in village stays where grilled meats and local wine can be enjoyed

with the local population. There is also the option of staying at the 32 room and 16 bungalows

resort. We can prebook any accommodations you would like. Entrance fees and accomodations

will not be included in the price.

Prices:          - 1-3 people $350 U.S.   per passenger car

                     - 4-7 people $400 U.S.   per minibus

                     - as a partner on a 125 cc Easyrider motorcycle

                                          $70   U.S.   per person, per day incl. overnight stay


                    - in Vietnamese, English speaking guide $35 U.S. per day

                    - in Vietnamese, Russian speaking guide $35 U.S. per day



5_day tour_Dalat-_ Lak_Lake-_ Cat_Tien

With this tour you may experience even more of Dalat. You can have more time to enjoy

yourself or you can choose to pack in even more sites. As mentioned above you may travel

via passenger vehicles, minibus or Easyrider. Also, the overnight stay and entrance fees

are not included.

Prices:           - 1-3 people $600 U.S.    per passenger car

                      - 4-7 people $700 U.S.    per minibus

                      - as a partner on a 125 cubic centimetres Easyrider motorcycle you pay

                        per person, per day $70 U.S.   incl. overnight stay midday

                      - in Vietnamese, English speaking guide $35 U.S. per day

                      - in Vietnamese, Russian speaking guide $35 U.S. per day